Hang the Jury

A photography show consisting of sixteen images that were previously submitted to various juried photography shows and were rejected.

Chinatown Artist Lofts, Mendonca Building at 1116 Smith Street, Honolulu
October 3 through 23, 2014

Artist Statement

Omer Kursat presents a collection of his photographs that were rejected by various local and international juried competitions. Omer recognizes the inner workings and the value of the selection process, and the many reasons that may lie behind the rejections, however the title of his show reflects his true feelings about juried shows, as well as his dislike of exams, quizzes, applications, licenses, petitions, forms, approvals, sanctions, permits and permissions, and authority in general. 

Voting ballots were handed out during the show to enter a drawing to win a print — with a twist: The image that got the fewest votes would win!

The winning image titled Kahala, Electric Ladyland, is shown on the right. 

Only one person voted for it and won the print!

(Unfortunately the name of the juror is now lost, at the time she worked at the Edition Hotel)

Six images from the show