Looking Back at You Looking Back at Me

Artist Statement

Omer Kursat presents six candid images of nighttime Chinatown, exploring a second interaction with the subjects of his photographs: The first time when the picture is taken, and a second time when the film is developed and he finds himself looking back at faces that were looking back at him.

The use of the rotating-lens panoramic camera introduces a subtle quality as the common thread of the exhibit: The subjects appear as observers who are more interested in watching the photograph being taken, more so than being included in the picture―this nonchalant gaze distances them from the resultant image, where they seem to be looking into the very picture in which they appear.

“Cause if it's not love then it's the bomb that will bring us together” – Morrissey 

Show Images

All six images of the show appear in OVER THE PALI, 2:00 AM. NO PORK.

Post by @junxjo
Photo by Tracy Chan