Honolulu Magazine Photo Contest


Jurors: Peter Shaindlin, A. Kam Napier, Linny Morris, Floyd K. Takeuchi, Allison Wong, and Jayson Harper.

WAIMANALO CARNIVAL - 1st Place in Film Category

I liked the blurring of the motion and the way carnival lights mixed with the light at dusk.

WAIMANALO FUN - 2nd Honorable Mention in Film Category

"Peeps," Annette Strube, was a first time visitor to Waimanalo; I wanted to capture her excitement.


Jurors: Peter Shaindlin, Dana Forsberg, Sergio Goes, Kathryn Drury Wagner, and Kristin Lipman .

PIPE DREAMS SMOKESHOP - 1st Place in Film Category

An impromptu performance during a First Friday in Chinatown, Honolulu.

NIGHTLIFE IN HONOLULU - 2nd Honorable Mention in Film Category

Taking panoramic photographs while walking the crowded streets reminds me of stills from a CinemaScope picture. Shooting at night without a flash allows me to get close to the “actors at the movie set.  


Jurors: Peter Shaindlin, A. Kam Napier, Kristin Lipman, Olivier Koning, and Stephen Little.

EMILY - 1st Place in Portrait Category

Taken at an IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre photo shoot, Emily, in her role as Strength is posing among her fellow dancers and friends.  She is at the center of the energy radiating from everyone surrounding her.

LIZ - 3rd Place in Portrait Category

Liz (Elizabeth Grote) was performing at thirtyninehotel as a promotion for the IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre show, Paint by Number.  Her solo interpretation and the emptiness of the space is the essence of this picture.


DREAMLAND - First Honorable Mention

Kids fall asleep at an adult party—surrounded by adult symbols and icons that influence their dreams.